Welcome to artConversations!

ArtConversations is working to identify artists and cultural leaders in the ethnic, religious, school and political communities of St. Louis for interest and participation in a multicultural exhibit about nuanced definitions of freedom. The exhibit is entitled:

Freedom Imagined/Freedom Lived
an artistic conversation about aspirations for freedom.

The stunning events of recent history- September 11th, betrayed promises of the Arab Spring, ongoing wars the Middle East and now in the Ukraine, unrest in Europe, as well as current debates about abortion, same-sex marriage, surveillance, immigration policies and racial tensions, compel each of us to contemplate our own interpretations of personal and public freedoms, even as we must grapple with others’ understandings of freedom.

We invite your interest and participation in creating an exhibit in visual art, music, and poetry- one that would present visions of freedom anchored in the symbols, stories and traditions passed down through personal experiences, religions, families, and native countries. We hope this project will create new possibilities for understanding and inspire collaboration on a shared vocabulary to meet the challenges of living together in peace. If interested, please click on "Call For Artists" on the menu bar.

Sincerely yours,


Naomi Fishman, curator