Freedom Imagined; Freedom Lived,
an artistic conversation about aspirations for freedom

In our quickly changing world, each of us is compelled to contemplate our own interpretations of personal and public freedoms, even as we grapple with others’ understandings of freedom. This exhibit features the works of artists from the greater St. Louis region as well as sixteen states and six countries, who share nuanced perspectives on the pursuit of freedom and the progress they have-or have not-made in achieving their aspirations.

This exhibit presents the artwork and the artist’s statement as an integral unit. For each artist, the hope is that you see them better and hear them better. See more. Hear more. Notice the symbols, find the irony, recognize the hopes and frustration, the anger and the strength, the imagination and the courage. May these artists help to mellow the stubborn, inspire the dreamer, alert the ignorant and persuade the indifferent so that we can come to understand each other.

The exhibit was originally conceived to invite a diverse American community to learn about each other. And then the season changed and strong gusts of wind carried the sounds of war, groans of betrayal, and cries of people seeking safe havens. And now, we find ourselves caught in a political whirlwind, reacting to a quickly changing world, when we could respond in ideas. Freedom Imagined, Freedom Lived feels like an imperative – a charge to artists to create possibilities of understanding and imaginings of how globalized, technologically advanced world will structure a free society with jobs, educations, and possibilities for a pursuit of happiness.

We are very grateful to Lindenwood University for hosting this exhibit.

Naomi Fishman, curator