This piece explores aspects of freedom through the expressive nature of dance. It’s intention is to show through suggestive imagery the value of liberty, the challenges we face to sustain it, and how our personal freedoms afford us choices that awaken our consciousness, and inspire us to ask why.

John Gardner
Sheffield, VT

Ruler, a short animation film and two cartoons depicts the story of our minds and bodies brutally subjected to the burden of a RULER. Do we have/get/create circumstances to get rid of all restrictions? And once losing the RULER’s burden, will it take/lead us to other, new free spaces? The limitless sky? Or do we get rid and free ourselves from one RULER to find ourselves dealing with a new one. The more boundaries dissolved, the closer to our lucid freedom Dream Bubble.

Billha Zussman
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Short Walk Through
A short, three minute walk through of the exhibit and narrated by Naomi Fishman.

Longer Walk Through
A longer walk through of the exhibit, examining each piece, and narrated by Naomi Fishman.